Class descriptions subject to change. For immediate questions contact Angie 860 372-2883 ( call or text)

Restore Yoga– a very gentle class with postures to promote calm and renewal. Each teacher brings their unique blend to the class. You may experience sound healing, essential oils an/or candlelight for a deeply relaxing experience.

Stretch & Strengthen Yoga– a yoga flow to stretch in all directions while your body builds strength. Perfect for those with tight hips and hamstrings! Fridays are unique…Angie sneaks in a 10 minute ab blast get ready for it!!

Fit Fusion/Barre fusion- a combination of yoga, barre influence and holds incorporating light weights and resistance bands for maximum strength and balance benefits.

Yin Yoga– stretches and targets both deep connective tissue between the muscles and the fascia throughout the body. Long holds to increase circulation and improve joint mobility.

Vinyasa intermediate– beyond the basics! Build on poses for strength and flexibility throughout your entire body!

Buti Yoga– a class like NO OTHER! Go within and discover your true power and full potential! An energizing blend of vinyasa style yoga, tribal dance and primal movement your body craves!

HIIT/Metabolic Conditioning-  combines short bursts of intense exercise with periods of rest or lower-intensity exercise. These workouts often mix aerobic and resistance training.

Yoga Caliente- Erin’s signature class! Combining long holds and powerful flows you can’t help but sweat AND she kicks up the spice factor with 90 degrees+ and a playlist to match!

Heated Power Vinyasa- Breath, cues and music will motivate you through a practice to encourage  both strength and balance. Adjust the difficulty of your practice with amplifications and modifications and feel rewarded during the deep stretching and meditation that make up the last part of class. Class is approximately 80 degrees.

All levels yoga/rise and shine- Sitting all day?? Join this energizing practice for all levels. Music, movement and breath work to release stagnant energy and internal obstructions so you feel free in your body! Head out feeling recharged and back in control!

 Power fusion- This class combines well-known static Hatha Yoga postures that traditionally provide focus, determination, and patience, along with shoulder-friendly power yoga combinations. The postures flow harmoniously from one to another, achieving strength, stamina, and flexibility. This practice has many elements and moves that will please and challenge beginners and intermediate yogis alike.


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