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Spring Cleaning for the Soul with Anna

Take your spring cleaning to the next level this year with Anna Glowacki in this 5-week workshop. This series will help you release the physical, mental and emotional stories and realities that no longer serve you. How will we do this? Weekly meetings are where the real


Affirmations and Asana with Erin

Affirmations & Asanas Workshop Erin's Affirmations & Asanas workshop is back! Join Erin in creating your own affirmation deck to help you navigate the new year with a smile and a positive attitude. I am creative. I can do hard things. I am passionate. Today is going


Save the date one year celebration at quiet corner float

It's something to celebrate! Join us for refreshments giveaways discounts and a 24 hour float marathon! Starting at 10:30 AM 3/9 there will be float appointment options for 24 hours straight. What do Bob Dylan, John Travolta and Charles Bukowski all have in common? They found that

Glow in the Dark Buti Yoga with Shelley

Black Light Glow in the Dark Buti Yoga Join Shelley for a unique and energizing experience. Get ready to glow and flow with our Glow in the Dark Buti Yoga event. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere as we combine the benefits of Buti Yoga with the


Yoga tips for flexible hips with Angie

Hip mobility and strength are vital to your function, performance and quality of life. Yet the health of the hips and supporting areas can be overlooked. Overuse, sitting for extended periods of time even fear of the future can impact the condition of our hips. Fortunately, tight


Big 5 Workshop with Donna Franklin

Big 5 Visionary Exercise For 60 minutes Donna will guide you on a journey deep inside yourself to bring forth your deepest desires. You will be asked to call upon your intuition to create the life you want and deserve for the upcoming year by visualizing yourself


Buti & Bracelets with Erin

Buti & Bracelets Come shake your BUTI with Erin during a 1hr Buti MVMNT class followed by permanent jewelry by Rachel from Luxe Linked. About Buti MVMNT: Buti is a mix between yoga asana, strength and conditioning, cardio, plyometrics, and primal movement. It is an incredibly empowering and


Self care Sunday: Springtime yoga & sound bath with Angie & Doug OUTDOORS

  Angie and Doug Yaeger team up again in Historic Chaplin CT for a unique experience to celebrate the Spring incorporating sound, guided meditation and movement to balance energy, find your potential and "Spring" you into the action of Summer. Spring is the time to clean up


Ahimsa~ how do we get there with Berta Prevosti

Ahmisa is a Sanskrit word meaning "non-violence." The term is derived from the root word Ahimsa, meaning "to cause pain," and the prefix, a, that means "not." In a broader sense, ahimsa means "universal love and compassion." Practice of ahimsa involves refraining from causing physical and psychological


Yoga Nidra and Gong Meditation with Haley

DELVING DEEPER In the 75 min offering, we will delve deeper into the self by combining the two beloved practices of Yoga Nidra and Vibrational Gong Meditation. Yoga Nidra is an ancient form of guided meditation that will take you to the deepest levels of relaxation while