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Move Beyond Fear – Arm Balance Part 1 with Amanda

Arm Balances: Most Arm Balances place the legs on the arms, shoulders and/or triceps. There are also arm balances where the entire body is inverted (suspended above the head) and all the weight is balanced on the arms or hands. They look advanced and sometimes intimidating from


YONO Health & Wellness Fair

We care very much about our community and the surrounding area and wanted to bring you the most up to date information on cutting edge, all natural and holistic health and wellness practices. This can be anything from relaxation, acupuncture, naturopathy, massage, energy work, sound therapy, all-natural

Soul Retrieval with Shelly Maguire

Soul Retrieval is an ancient Shamanic tool and guided journey used to heal soul loss. Soul loss can occur when we experience trauma in our life. During the guided journey we communicate with a lost soul part and ask to bring it back and heal that aspect


Buti Barre Bliss with Anna and Shelley

Join Anna and Shelley for a full body trifecta! 30 minutes of heart pumping Buti, followed by 30 minutes of full body strength work and finishing with 30 minutes of stretch and sound healing. Leave class feeling stronger, energized and full of bliss. Saturday June 17th 10:30-12


Buti Yoga Teacher Training and Certification

Buti Yoga combines deep core toning + energetic activation + cardio dance into one dynamic, high-intensity, total body workout. Structured class progression meets the freedom of an organic practice guided forward by the beat. Transform your entire body from the inside out + tap endorphin-fueled Buti Bliss


Find Your Edge with Erin

Looking to amp up your practice? Finally nail that pose you’ve been working on? Join Erin for this 90-minute workshop where we will practice multiple intermediate to advanced level postures, including headstand and crow pose. This is an opportunity to find your edge in the comfort of


Full Moon Candle Magic & Sound Healing with Anna & Shelley August 2023

Join Anna & Shelley for an evening of restorative yoga, sound healing, reiki and full moon magic! The powers of nature are at their peak during a full moon making these enchanting nights an opportune time to set positive affirmations. In this workshop we’ll practice restorative yoga


Summer Sound Healing & Slow Flow

Are you ready to relax and unwind? Start the weekend off on your mat with a slow, yet powerful, yoga class led by Erin Trudeau to the sounds of gongs and singing bowls played by Doug Yaeger. The therapeutic effects of sound healing combined with sunshine, mindful breathing,


Balancing Vata with Angie and Doug

Vata dosha is the mind-body element associated with air and space. It's light, cool, and dry in nature, and it governs all movement and processes in your mind and body—including processes like blood flow, elimination, breathing, and the movement of thoughts in your mind. Autumn is a