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Yoga for Body Acceptance with Shawna

Body Acceptance is Really About Healing your Relationship with Yourself! It’s time to let go of shaming your body. It’s time to accept and move your body intuitively & for joy instead of self-punishment. This 90-minute transformative workshop will help you begin your journey to body freedom!


Full Moon Candle Magic with Anna, December 2022

Join Anna for an evening of restorative yoga and full moon magic! The powers of nature are at their peak during a full moon making these enchanting nights an opportune time to set positive affirmations. In this workshop we'll practice restorative yoga to relax the physical body


Winter Solstice Slowdown with Haley

Yoga Practice & Kosha integration. During this 90 min practice, join us in the quiet of the longest night of the year for a winter solstice gathering. We will honor this moment of darkness and stillness with our own practice as it gradually slows to stillness. We


New Year’s Eve 108

Join Angie, Amanda, Anna and Erin!!!!!! Sun Salutations are a sequence of yoga poses strung together in a consistent movement. In Sanskrit, Sun Salutations are referred to as “Surya Namaskar” and were traditionally practiced to usher in the new day, for us the NEW YEAR! What Is


Yoga FUNdamentals with Anna

This workshop is geared towards both new and experienced yogis. Anna will teach alignment-based yoga with a focus on proper form and mechanics so that you achieve maximum benefit from each pose and practice yoga safely from your home or studio. We will leave Q&A time so


New Moon Heart Centered Breathwork and Sound Journey with Shelley and Amy

The new moon is an invitation to open up our hearts to give and receive love.  Join Shelley and Amy on a breathwork and sound journey to open up your Heart Chakra. In this workshop, you will have a quick introduction to breathwork (no experience necessary), Guided


Buti Yoga Teacher Training and Certification

Training takes Place December 9, 10 and 11th from 8AM to 8PM daily. Buti combines deep core toning + energetic activation + cardio dance into one dynamic, high-intensity, total body workout. Structured class progression meets the freedom of an organic practice guided forward by the beat. Transform


Backbends & Twists, Dynamics of the Spine with Amanda

Physically, they counter the daily activities that involve bending forward or compromising your posture and alignment. Movements, sedentary positions, and gravitational forces can cause misalignments and pain in your body. Backbends help bring your body back into balance. These postures strengthen your back, shoulders, chest, and hips.


Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Certification Level II with Shelley

Prerequisite: Any Reiki I Certification. This is a follow-up training to Level I for those of you who want to dig deeper, know more, and increase the power of energy healing. This course will allow you to provide Reiki energy healing to treat others in addition to


Cacao Ceremony with Shelley

Join Shelley for a time of heart and soul connection. Cacao will help you to connect deeply with your heart, intuition and spirit. Guided meditation, gentle movement, reflection and sound healing will accompany you on this journey to open your heart and find a place of wisdom