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Balancing the Root and Sacral Chakras with Amanda and Shelley

The Root Chakra is the base of our life force energy and acts as the link between the outside physical world and our internal energetic system—it gives us the motivation to get up each day, eat, and procreate. The Sacral Chakra is the center of creativity, emotions,


Overcoming Insomnia with Dr. Susan Powers: Achieve a Good Night’s Sleep

This 60-minute workshop will focus on strategies for getting a good night’s sleep. The session begins with useful information on what is happening to your brain and body as you sleep. You will learn about the sleep cycle and dream periods as well as the benefits of


Moving mandala & music experience with Angie & Doug

Angie and Doug are teaming up again to bring you this exclusive experience!   A mandala is a visual tool used for meditation. It is an artistic representation of higher thought and deeper meaning given as a geometric symbol to focus your attention spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and

CLASS IS FULL! Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Level I Certification with Shelley

This class is full.  If you wanted to take this workshop and missed out, we will be running another session of this workshop soon.  Stay tuned. Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing in which universal healing energy is transferred through the palms of the practitioner

Pink power yoga with Angie

Join Angie for this high energy power class built for all levels! Wear pink and let's move, laugh and rest with the passion of pink! 50% of proceeds will go to breast cancer research in honor of Angie's aunts and all of the people out there who


Full Moon Candle Magic and Sound Healing with Anna and Doug

Join Anna & Doug for an evening of restorative yoga, sound healing, reiki and full moon magic! The powers of nature are at their peak during a full moon making these enchanting nights an opportune time to set positive affirmations. In this workshop we’ll practice restorative yoga


Tea, Meditation and Crystals 101 with Shelley

Sip on a variety of teas, each paired with a healing crystal as you learn basic concepts of crystals, their meaning, activation and uses. Finish off with a guided meditation and explore the art of connection and slowing down. Participants will leave with a crystal that can


Buti Yoga Glow with Shelley

Put on your whitest whites and neon colors and join Shelley under the black lights for this Glow in the Dark Yoga Event!  Buti Yoga is a mixture of tribal dance, primal movement, cardio bursts, strength and conditioning and core work for all full-body workout. Arrive 15


Earth School with Scott

We are born into families, in cities and towns, in states and countries forgetting who we are and why we are here. Searching for the answers to life:  Is life a career, a hobby, a relationship, our body, a family, a home or car that we can


Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing with Angie and Shelley

Yoga Nidra, also known as Yogic sleep, is a powerful technique for controlling your body's relaxation response. It can be as restorative as sleep while you remain fully conscious, giving your mind and body an extra clearing for deep nourishment. Combined with soft, grounding beats and the