Everything works better when you turn it off for a little while… even you.

Floatation Therapy is an antidote for the stressful and sometimes exhaustive lifestyles we’ve grown accustom to.

Reboot your senses and find freedom from the noise.

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First time? Get our Intro 3 Pack for only $150 and earn a bonus 4th by completing it within 3 weeks.

What is Floating?

In the float “orb” you are in a near-zero gravity state which gives your body a chance to relax. You’re also reducing external sensory input to your brain—reduced light and reduced sound which gives your brain the much needed break from processing. When your body reaches a certain amount of relaxation, it can cause positive physical results like reduced muscle tension, decreased blood pressure, fewer stress hormones and increased endorphins. Floating allows everything to catch up. The generous amount of Epsom salt is added to the water in order for a guest to float with ease. Your skin is able to absorb the medical grade salts which becomes a very helpful supplement of a mineral that is not commonly drawn in.

The water is approximately 94 degrees, 10 inches deep with around 1100 pounds of Epsom Salt.

Stress Reduction

Floating in a sensory-reduced environment helps significantly lower stress levels, promoting a state of deep relaxation akin to meditation.

Muscle Recovery

The buoyancy of the saltwater relieves the body of gravity, allowing muscles to fully relax and recover, especially beneficial after a yoga session.

Enhanced Mental Clarity and Focus

The quiet, distraction-free environment of float therapy aids in clearing the mind, enhancing focus and mental acuity, which can complement mindfulness practices in yoga.

Improved Sleep Quality

Regular floating sessions can lead to better sleep patterns, making it easier to fall asleep and enhancing the quality of rest, which is essential for yogis to rejuvenate.

Spiritual and Emotional Balance

Float therapy provides a unique setting for deep introspection and personal reflection, fostering emotional and spiritual growth that resonates well with the holistic essence of yoga.

Pain Relief

The weightless environment helps alleviate various forms of chronic pain, including back and joint pain, which is beneficial for yoga practitioners looking to maintain flexibility and comfort in their practice.


Single Float


60-Minute float therapy.
One-Hour of “nothing” can be everything.
Pay as you go pricing.

Intro 3 Pack


3 x 60-Minute float sessions
Earn a 4th float by completing in 3 weeks
Credits don’t expire
Individual use only

Monthly Float


One 60-minute float per month
• Free upgrade to 90-minute floats
• $49 for additional floats
• Shareable with one person
• Floats roll over each month
• Buy gift cards at member price
• 15% off retail
• Pause anytime with no charge
• No commitment, 30 days notice to cancel


*You can cancel up to 6 hours from your float for a full refund. Call, text or email to notify (see all contact info on home page)

*No calls, no shows on the day of your appointment will be charged the full amount.

*Use the bathroom before you float

*You MUST shower before you float  as part of the sanitizing rules and to remove all oils, products and make up from your body/hair

*showers are reserved for float guests only as they are in 1private room together (showers for sauna guests are not available)

*You must shower after to remove salt from your body post float

*No cell phones in float rooms, turn off if leaving them in reception

*No drugs or alcohol and no smoking

*Bathing suits can be worn but must be rinsed throughly before entering the orb

*Enter the orb slowly as conditions can be slippery despite all efforts made to support safety

*If you require assistance you must bring staff or personnel trained to care for you as Quiet Corner Float staff is not allowed to handle any guest

First time? Get our Intro 3 Pack for only $150 and earn a bonus 4th by completing it within 3 weeks.


Who can float?

Almost anyone! Always check with your Doctor if you have any medical concerns. Floating is wonderful for athletes, busy professionals and parents, seniors, veterans and anyone looking to explore, reflect & restore.

What’s the difference between float rooms ZEN & CALM?

The rooms and orbs and almost identical! ZEN offers a shower that has hand bars(ADA) and a shower head that is removable. That’s it!

Is there anyone who shouldn’t float?

Floating is safe for almost everyone, but still has it’s risks and is not recommended for some people. You shouldn’t float if you have incontinence, uncontrolled epilepsy, open wounds, an infectious disease, drug or alcohol intoxication, or kidney problems. If you have a heart condition, a severe medical condition, or any other concerns please consult your physician first. You should wait at least 3 weeks after receiving a tattoo to float so that it has time to heal and set (Check with your tattoo artist). You cannot float if you have Henna coloring in your hair, or a Henna tattoo. If you have mobility issues and might need help getting in and out of the float tank, you will need to bring a helper as we cannot help you in and out for liability reasons. As long as you can safely get in and out of the tank, you should be safe to float, but similar to other water-based services such as a pool or spa, you need to use caution since floors can be very slippery. We don’t have staff in our private float suites while guests float so please take our safety concerns seriously and float at your own risk.

How long do I stay in?

60 minute floats are available to fully immerse yourself in the experience, you can choose to get out before that as well.

Is there a “right way” to float?

Nope. Each person will find whatever position is comfortable for them. Explore away!

Is there any prep or things to avoid before floating?

You will be required to shower before and after your float(conditioner is used only in the after-float shower).

Avoid stimulants and heavy meals. NO drugs or alcohol! Fresh towels, shampoo/conditioner, body wash, ear plugs, vaseline for abrasions and q-tips are provided. *If you use contact lenses, please remember to bring something to store them in while you float.

What is epsom salt and why is it used?

Epsom Salt, named after a saline spring at Epsom in Surrey, England, is not actually salt but a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulphate. The wonders of Epsom salt have been well known for hundreds of years and unlike other salts, Epsom salt has beneficial properties that can soothe the body, mind and soul. Some of the countless health benefits include relaxing the nervous system, soothing skin problems & back pain, easing muscle strain, healing cuts, treating colds and congestion and drawing toxins from the body.

What if I am claustrophobic?

This is a very common topic for first time customers, but it’s not a problem. The inside is warm, illuminated and well ventilated.  The “orb” lid doesn’t lock, you can open and close it whenever you’d like, you can leave it slightly open even. You’re in control!

How are the float “orbs” sanitized?

The water is fully filtered 3-5 times between each float, passing through an intense filtration system for particulate matter and then a UV filter which targets the DNA and RNA of bacteria, viruses, algae and other biological matter. The Medical grade Epsom salt solution is naturally sanitary; the combination of the high concentrations of Epsom salt and a disinfectant make it cleaner then a pool and nearly impossible for microorganisms to survive. In addition, all guests are required to shower prior to floating.

Are the float pods handicap accessible?

One of our float orb suites is ADA compliant and includes an accessible shower with a bench. If you are in a wheelchair, getting in and out of the shower and float pod is largely dependent on the extent of your upper body function and strength. If you can lift yourself out of your wheel chair and into bed, for example, you will likely be able to lift yourself into the shower bench and over the float orb lip, which is about two feet off the floor. Please bring a friend with you if you do not have good upper body mobility/strength because our staff is not allowed to touch guests for liability reasons. Your assistant can hang out in either our relaxation room or in your float suite while you float. 

What about my hair and hair dye?

Yes, your hair will get wet, though the water is neutral and the Epsom Salt typically isn’t harsh to hair (do a Google search on “epsom salt hair” and you’ll find information about how Epsom salt may actually be good for hair!).  If you dye your hair, you will need to wait at least 14 days after you dye it to give your new color time to set in completely. Although most hair dye is set in under 10 days, we’ve found that some dye can leach out of hair for weeks which may damage our float orbs. If you are unsure, please do a ” towel test” at home prior to booking your float: wash your hair and dry with a towel with heavy pressure  if you see any dye then you will want to wait to float as that is a sign that the dye will bleed onto our  float orbs. You cannot float if you have Henna coloring in your hair (or a Henna tattoo).

Special Note: If you use a Keratin hair smoothing treatment, it’s recommend that you stay out of salt water, and this includes Epsom Salt, to avoid any negative effects and damage to your Keratin-treated hair.

What if water gets in my ears or eyes?

We provide ear plugs that should be put in prior to your shower while your hands and ears are dry to avoid getting the water in your ears. We recommend using q-tips after your post-float shower, which we provide for your convenience. If you end up getting salt water in your ears though, it’s not a big deal,  rinse with warm water that should flush out the salt. To avoid getting salt water in your eyes, dry your face off completely before entering the float pod, and avoid touching your face once you’re in there. A dry hand towel and a spray bottle of water is hung from inside each float pod just in case you end up splashing a little bit of salt in your eyes mid-float.

Will the salt dehydrate me?

Nope, the Epsom Salt is actually very wonderful for your skin. Your skin will be left feeling silky and smooth. No pruning here!

Is it safe to fall asleep?

Yes, and people often do because they are so relaxed! If you fall asleep due to the deep relaxation you experience, you will stay afloat due to the buoyancy created by the 1100+ pounds of Epsom Salt in the water. Plus, the water is only 10 inches deep. You won’t touch the bottom either. It’s quite amazing. No matter the size, shape or weight of your body, you will float. And your mouth, nose and eyes stay well above the water line. It’s also difficult to flip over while you are floating, and even if you somehow managed to do so you would get saltwater in your eyes which would get your attention fast. A relaxing voice will come on concluding your float, as well as a soft light inside of the orb.

What do I wear in the Float “orb”?

Nothing, nada, birthday suit, au natural. It’s a private, salt water bath space all to yourself!

How old do you have to be to float?

At Quiet Corner Float 18+

What if I am pregnant?

Always consult with your doctor first! The float tank is a wonderful place for pregnant women. It can relieve the weight of the baby off of the mother’s body which can be a great help to those suffering from lower back pain. It is strongly recommended that pregnant women avoid floating during the first trimester. If you have any concerns about the effects of floating on your pregnancy, we ask you to consult and get permission from your physician before you float.

First time? Get our Intro 3 Pack for only $150 and earn a bonus 4th by completing it within 3 weeks.