“From my very 1st class I have enjoyed Angie’s passion for yoga and her sensitivity of others needs. Angie is an excellent teacher. She creates a calming atmosphere of peace and serenity.”


“I have enjoyed Angie’s enthusiasm, patience, love of yoga, and demeanor. She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. Weekly attendance at yoga class is mandatory to my well-being. I deeply appreciate the manner in which Angie designs her classes. She begins class by drawing attention inward, to a pure space from which a student/friend can set intention. From here she encourages mindfulness as she slowly awakens the body through the practice of yoga postures. Her classes are both subtle and rigorous.”


“Angie has been coming to my home to do private yoga classes the past few months. I absolutely love it! Her sessions are always fun, relaxing, and invigorating. She pushes me just enough that I’m really starting to see the change in my flexibility and health, but I always feel wonderful, balanced, and energized after each class. In recent weeks we have grown to have a small group of friends here, all of whom now look forward to yoga with Angie each week. Angie is supportive, super knowledgeable, and wonderful to work with regardless of your age or ability. She pays close attention that we are in correct form to avoid injury and to make sure we get the most benefit from each pose. I strongly recommend her to anyone interested in starting yoga or continuing with their current practice.”

-Meg B.

“Angie is a fantastic yoga instructor, who goes out of her way to help everyone in class. I have taken yoga before at many studios and centers, Angie is by far one of the best instructors you will find. Try a class I believe you will love it and Angie. I have tried the Yoga for Everyone and the Barre fusion and both classes are for every level beginner to advanced. I have made a commitment to myself to attend 2 or 3 classes a week and I can’t wait for Angie’s class every week.”

-Leslie D.

“I have taken Angie’s classes for over 7 years now and I truly enjoy every class I attend. Angie is so motivating and is always willing to help you improve any poses you may struggle with. Her classes are fun and challenging and her teaching style is perfect for a beginner or advanced student. She is diligent in keeping her students in the correct form as to avoid injury and always offers modified poses for any students needing them. I highly recommend trying Angie’s classes. She is the best!”

-Linda Y.

“I’ve been taking Yoga classes with Angie for almost 8 years now, and she is everything you would hope to find in a Yoga instructor. She is incredibly knowledgeable, and know how to inspire her students. Her manner is professional, yet personal… she teaches students, from beginners to advanced, and makes them all feel special. Also, it’s a fun and comfortable experience. I always leave her classes feeling the best I’ve felt all week!”

-Bruce W.

“I’ve only been practicing Yoga since early this year and I love going to Angie’s classes. She makes me comfortable and confident as a newbie, offers poses to your level and ability and comfort. She makes classes fun and worth my time!!

-Dori A.

“Angie is such an inspiration and mentor. Her devotion, strength and attention to detail are the things that make her stand out above the rest. She listens, she feels, she gives! I always leave feeling great and like I want more!”

-Susanna C.

“I have been taking classes with Angie for over 6 years. Her exercise flows are always fun, energizing, and never the same. She clearly cares and the supportive and inviting environment she provides for her students always shines through. No matter what level of student you are, you’ll find a place in her class. Expect to come out invigorated and having shared a few healthy laughs!”

-Ginger J.

“Angie is one of the best instructors. You will feel very comfortable regardless of what level of yoga you do. She creates a relaxed and fun environment and I always feel energized after her classes.

-Mary D.

“Angie leads with Grace, allowing mind, body and spirit to come into true alignment. In this fast-paced and sometimes unsettling world we live in coming to yoga allows me to bring my mind, body and soul back into balance. I couldn’t do without it and the effort I received from its wonderful teacher.”